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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Oh! About that brilliant thing you did...

... if you write an ingenious piece of software that streamlines a process or makes everyone's lives easier, but you don't TELL anyone about it or explain concisely how to use it, then you may as well not have written it in the first place. Because it won't MATTER.

I've struggled with this in plenty of teams I've worked with in the past, but there's something particularly infuriating about what I've just struggled with. Microsoft's Entity Framework Code-First tools makes designing and updating databases automagic; the only reason I've had to use the database directly at all was to verify that the tables are being created and updated intelligently and that my test data is being stored correctly.


I have been struggling for hours with self-referential foreign keys. Not because it's difficult to set up, but because the only helpful, readable instruction I've found online has been this answer here which I found after a lot of searching for "Entity Framework code-first self-referencing foreign keys" and coming across tutorials and MSDN documentation and forums (including stackoverflow) which are so dense and filled with any other kind of relations or answers that over-complicate things...

I salute those who make awesome software, and you people certainly know who you are. For the love of code that is elegant and holy, please share with the time-pressured slower kids in the class. We'll all win.