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Shakespeare's Sonnets: The Graphic Novel campaign

My campaign to produce Shakespeare's Sonnets: A Graphic Novel Adaptation needs your help! Please sign up at for access to exclusive content and the opportunity to be a part of the magic!

I'm also producing a podcast discussing the sonnets, available on
industrial curiosity, itunes, spotify, stitcher, tunein and youtube!
For those who prefer reading to listening, the first 25 sonnets have been compiled into a book that is available now on Amazon and the Google Play store.


You can find my various projects and channels with!


I'm an experienced analyst, architect, polyglot developer and tester who works across paradigms to solve problems and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of bubble gum.


I'm a comic book fan and literature student who was forced to put his MA studies on hold with only a handful of credits left to go. While I have many exciting ideas for worlds, characters and stories, my first priority (and obsession) is to illustrate my thesis work on Shakespeare's Sonnets. I have teamed up with an amazing illustrator and am running a crowdfunding campaign to create Shakespeare's Sonnets: A Graphic Novel Adaptation, and as a related work of art (which will hopefully draw attention to my campaign to rescue The Bard's reputation) I'm tattooing 154 images (each one representing a sonnet) onto my body.

Poetry and Spoken Word

A software developer by night and a writer by day (or vice versa), I write and perform under the name “fisher king” as there are so many Adam Fishers on the planet that it’s frightfully easy to get us mixed up.
I've been writing poetry since I was in primary school, but I've come a long way since then and in 2014 was a member of the Throw! Poetry Collective's team that made the finals of the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. In 2017 I published my first children's book to thunderous silence (okay, I did get a couple of good reviews), and I'm always working on making a larger dent in the universe.

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