Shakespeare's Sonnets Exposed: Volume 1

Shakespeare's Sonnets, the Bard's only self-published works, are arguably the most beautiful, tragic, mystifying and crazy compilation of words in the English language. For four hundred years they've been almost exclusively the domain of scholars and academics, and for four hundred years their dark magic has passed the rest of us by.

Transcribed from the podcast series of the same name, this is the first in a series analysing Shakespeare's Sonnets which is aimed as much at those who have never encountered the sonnets before as at seasoned scholars.

The analysis is based on the original 1609 Quarto edition and introduces a new reading based exclusively off the text and virtually uncontaminated by contemporary theories. All proceeds will be going towards the production of a wonderfully illustrated graphic novel adaptation of Shakespeare's Sonnets!

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Life is but a Dream

Journey down the river of life to
discover the missing verses of one of the
most widely recognized nursery rhymes
of all time!

Many have added entertaining verses to the popular nursery rhyme "Row, row, row your boat", but this charmingly illustrated version takes the reader on a philosophical ride. Targeting both adults and children, it contemplates living and growing through adversity as well as the idea of life, death and what lies beyond.

To view reviews or purchase, please check out the book's pages on Goodreads and Amazon!

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